Secure and Safe: The Three Points of Business Security

Posted on: 2 August 2018

Security is important for any business, but it's especially so for smaller, independent companies that would struggle to shoulder the weight of a break-in. In light of that, it's important that you invest a significant amount of money into security for your business premises. Without it, anything that you work hard to build on site is at risk — and that's a concern that no business owner should feel. Here are the three areas of business security you should definitely be covering.

Points of Entry

It's of vital importance that access to your business be limited to those who you are willing to admit, and during business hours only. Ensure that this happens by putting a lot of security focus on the points of entry at your business — front and back doors, gates, internal doorways to any 'employee only' areas and windows large enough to fit a full person should all be considered. Whether you cover them with shutters outside of business hours, use electronic locks and security access codes or install deterrents, such as metal bars over large windows, you'll be ensuring there's a physical barrier between would-be criminals and your prized business.

Keeping Records

You should be able to check who has come and gone from your premises. Most businesses achieve this by use of CCTV cameras, as these are relatively cheap and provide an excellent overview of what's going on at your business. They can also build up an archive to ensure you're covered for any incidents that may occur on-site. However, you could also consider installing systems that keep track of which access codes have been used to enter your building and which IDs have been scanned. That way, you'll have a firm understanding of which staff members were onsite and when.

Eyes and Ears

Don't overlook the importance of involving human staff members in your security system — not just technology. Whatever tech you may install, supplementing it with well-trained staff who are invested in taking care of your business is the best possible way of strengthening it. Consulting your staff about what improvements they'd like to see to your system, what training they'd like to receive and how they think site security is going will help to motivate them and keep them focused. They are also capable of the kind of analysis and understanding of nuance that a system just can't achieve by itself.

Whatever kind of business you're running, and whether it's open to the public or not, investing in these three points of security will ensure that you're doing the best you can to keep staff, stock and visiting customers safe. In the end, everybody wins — apart from those who'd be doing your business harm, that is.