Security Essentials When You Live in a Rural Area

Posted on: 28 December 2021

Living in a rural area comes with plenty of perks. At the same time, it can pose a few security challenges. When you're in a rural environment, there are fewer people around to detect potential thieves. And depending on just how rural you are, you may find that you have no neighbours at all. Fortunately, there are some security tools you can employ to make your property safer and a break-in less likely.


Floodlights can keep you safe in lots of ways. As rural areas are less likely to feature street lighting, floodlights make it safer for you to access your property when it's dark. Additionally, they'll bring any potential intruders into the spotlight. As a result, they may feel less inclined to try and break into your property, particularly if you have outdoor CCTV too. They'll also activate when animals cross their path, which gives you the option to take a different route into your house.

Motion-Activated Door CCTV

CCTV isn't just useful for capturing an event as it happens. It can also help you see who is standing outside your door, no matter where you are in the world. Doorbell cameras activate when someone stands outside them. As a result, you can see who is waiting on the other side before you answer. This can also prove useful if an intruder is trying to scope out what your home is like before deciding whether to break in. As some cameras will alert you via your smartphone, you can see who is around no matter where you are in the world and call the authorities for assistance if necessary. 

Lighting You Can Control at a Distance

When you leave your property for extended periods, intruders may see your absence as a sign to break in. One way to combat this is by giving the impression that your property is active. Try using smart lighting that you can control from a distance as a part of your security system. In addition to making it look as though there's someone inside your property, it's a great way to keep pets comfortable when you're not at home.

Security Gates

Security gates that you activate electronically can act as a great deterrent to potential thieves. By adding a code that you change periodically to the entrance pad, you can control who has access throughout the year. As an alternative, you may want to try a security gate that comes with key fob access instead. If you choose to do this, make sure it's possible to deactivate key fobs in the event that you lose yours or it is stolen. for more information, contact a security system service.