3 Reasons CCTV Cameras Are a Critical Security Measure in Your Home

Posted on: 19 May 2021

One of the common ways people enhance security in their homes is by putting an alarm system in the fence to alert them of a breach in security. However, the alarm system will not be enough of a crime deterrent if you do not have video surveillance of everything going on around the home. Options like CCTV cameras become your eyes when you're inside the house and when you are away from home. They can be connected to the alarm system so that when the motion detector notices a movement, the alarm system alerts you. 

Here are three other reasons why a CCTV camera is a crucial security measure in your home.

It Keeps Criminals and Vandals Away

The first thing that many vandals do when choosing a property to target is to weigh the possibility of getting caught. If they feel that there is a possibility they might get in trouble, they will avoid the property. But, if they believe they can get away with the crime, they will stay and follow through. 

Therefore, the sight of a security camera is a deterrent for criminals because it alerts them that they will get recorded. Security cameras are, therefore, excellent for keeping criminals away.

It Gives You Evidence About a Crime

Criminal proceedings are changing with time. Currently, surveillance video evidence gets accepted by most of the courts as evidence of a crime. The footage also helps the police put out press briefings about the criminals and simplifies the arrest. Insurance companies will be interested in looking at the tapes from the accident as they help them determine whether you had done what it takes to secure your property against risks. The evidence simplifies the process of making a claim.

It Also Monitors Non-Criminal Activities

An added perk that comes with CCTV cameras is that they monitor both criminal and non-criminal activities. For example, if your pet has strange behaviours, is hurt or has become too aggressive, you can check the footage to see what has caused the change. You can also monitor your children, especially when they reach an age where they can easily endanger their lives with impulsive choices. 

The other benefits of having CCTV cameras include proper monitoring when you are away from home, especially when on holiday. The key is finding the cameras with the best features so you can perfectly meet all your security needs. Also, you should have them installed by a professional so they can completely secure your property. For more information, contact a CCTV camera service.