• Secure and Safe: The Three Points of Business Security

    Security is important for any business, but it's especially so for smaller, independent companies that would struggle to shoulder the weight of a break-in. In light of that, it's important that you invest a significant amount of money into security for your business premises. Without it, anything that you work hard to build on site is at risk — and that's a concern that no business owner should feel. Here are the three areas of business security you should definitely be covering. [Read More]

  • Safety Net: Are IP CCTV Cameras The Right Choice For Securing Your Home?

    In days gone by, the most advanced home security system the average homeowner could acquire was a big dog and a big gun. Fortunately, technology marches on, and sophisticated CCTV camera systems that were once limited to protecting large-scale industrial, commercial and governmental properties are now well within the reach of most homeowners. The march of technology hasn't just made CCTV systems more accessible, however; it has also increased their functionality massively, and one of the newest and most effective additions to the field of CCTV cameras is the so-called internet protocol camera, commonly referred to as an IP camera. [Read More]

  • Not a Flight of Fancy: How Airport Dogs are Really Working to Keep You Safe

    Anybody who flies frequently will have seen an airport dog strolling around at least once or twice.  Wearing their reflective coat that declares they're working and not to be disturbed, they nonetheless attract attention from both children and dog lovers alike as they make their way through the security halls and terminals.  However, those reflective jackets tell no lies.  The dogs you see in airports really are working hard to ensure the safety of every person in the building. [Read More]

  • A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Home Security System

    A home security system can be a must-have for any homeowner and even for renters, as these systems can deter a thief or intruder from even entering your home; they can also provide emergency assistance as needed. When you're ready to choose a home security system, you may find that there are more options on the market than you imagined; note a few tips for choosing the right one for you. [Read More]

  • Benefits of Installing Business Security Systems

    Security systems refer to a collection of electronic devices and sensors working together to offer protection to humans and valuable assets against theft and hazards like fire. Modern security equipment is usually automated and works on its own; however, human intervention may be required in certain scenarios to increase effectiveness. Some of the benefits of installing security system to your business establishments are as follows: Round The Clock Monitoring Security devices like cameras and motion sensors can keep an eye on your business premises around the clock. [Read More]

  • Four Benefits of Security Screens for Pet Owners

    There are multiple advantages to security screens, but if you are a pet owner, you may be wondering if these screens offer you any special advantages. If you are thinking about investing in a security screen but aren't sure if it's right for you, you may want to check out this list. Here's a look at the advantages of security screens for pets. 1. Security From Thieves As suggested by the name, the main purpose of security screens is that they provide security. [Read More]

  • 5 Ways to Protect Your Home and Belongings

    Home security is something which concerns everyone. If an intruder gains entry into your home, not only could they damage or steal your property, they could also harm your loved ones. Below is a guide to five steps you can take to help to protect your home and belongings. Relocate the alarm keypad It is common for an alarm keypads to be located near the front door of a home. While this is very convenient, it also makes it very easy for an intruder to spy on you as you enter the code. [Read More]

  • DIY Diaries: Steel Security Screen Doors

    An exterior door needs to strike an intricate balance between functionality, security and aesthetic appeal. Security screen doors are loved by many because they're able to strike this balance. There's no doubt about the high level of security that a steel door provides. This can be attributed to the rigorous tests that a security screen door is subjected to before it hits the market. When it comes to aesthetics, you have a bigger role to play in maintaining the good looks. [Read More]