A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Home Security System

Posted on: 23 March 2017

A home security system can be a must-have for any homeowner and even for renters, as these systems can deter a thief or intruder from even entering your home; they can also provide emergency assistance as needed. When you're ready to choose a home security system, you may find that there are more options on the market than you imagined; note a few tips for choosing the right one for you.

Renting versus owning

If you rent a home or apartment, you'll want a basic system that doesn't necessarily get wired into the home's electricity itself. Look for an alarm that comes in two pieces that communicate with each other through a sensor in each piece; you can attach one piece to a doorframe or window frame and then the other piece to the door or window itself. When someone opens the door or window, those pieces sense their connection is lost and an alarm will sound. They operate on batteries and are easy to attach and detach from the door or window surfaces without leaving any marks behind.


For those who are elderly or who have other health issues, look for 24-hour monitoring by a call centre representative; when an alarm sounds, someone from the call centre will immediately get in touch with the homeowner through a remote speaker system in the home. If the homeowner needs assistance or there is no response, emergency services are called. This system can be connected to the home's alarm as well as panic buttons worn on a chain around the neck or that are installed around the home.

These monitoring systems are connected to the call centre through a landline, cellular device or the internet. Cellular services and the internet are good in case a landline is cut or disrupted, but for those with poor cellular reception or internet service in their area, the landline is the better option.

Choosing home automation

Be careful about the options you choose for home automation security systems; you don't want to pay for features that sound good but which are not really useful to you. For example, consider how often you would realistically need an option that lets you control your home's blinds and kitchen appliances as part of the security system. On the other hand, if you travel often or have children who are sometimes home alone, webcams that you can access from your smart phone can be a good choice and worth the investment, so you can easily monitor the home and your children no matter your location.