5 Ways to Protect Your Home and Belongings

Posted on: 6 January 2017

Home security is something which concerns everyone. If an intruder gains entry into your home, not only could they damage or steal your property, they could also harm your loved ones. Below is a guide to five steps you can take to help to protect your home and belongings.

Relocate the alarm keypad

It is common for an alarm keypads to be located near the front door of a home. While this is very convenient, it also makes it very easy for an intruder to spy on you as you enter the code. You should consider asking a contractor to relocate the alarm pad to an area which is away from doors and windows to prevent an observant criminal from seeing the alarm code.

Fit window blinds

You can also help to combat thieves who are scoping out targets is to block their view into your home. Installing interior or exterior blinds on the windows of your home can help to prevent thieves from seeing your expensive electronics systems and other high-value items.

Install a deadbolt reinforcer

Even if you have deadbolt locks fitted to the doors of your property, they may still be vulnerable to a thief who kicks or prying at it with a crowbar. Investing in deadbolt reinforces can help to add extra strength to your door. The reinforcer is a piece of steel which is inserted behind the strike plate to strength it.

Invest in a decoy safe

If an intruder does manage to gain entry into your home, it is likely that they will want to get out as soon as possible. After all, the longer they spend in the building, the greater the chance, they will be detected and caught red handed. It is likely that an intruder will grab the first thing that they see before making their escape. You should consider investing in a small decoy safe. Leave this safe in a prominent position within your home as bait for an intruder. If they grab the decoy safe, it is unlikely they will continue their search for other valuables.

Join your local neighbourhood watch

Finally, by joining your local neighbourhood watch scheme, you can help to keep your local community safe and also take comfort in the knowledge that when you are away from home, your neighbours will keep an eye on your property.

If you would like more information about how you can protect your home, contact a home security company.